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gcc-3.3 configuration

For Debian GNU/Linux gcc-3.3 is currently configured with


to allow a binary compatible upgrade from gcc-3.2 to gcc-3.3. The
other Debian platform, where sjlj based exceptions changed to dwarf2
based exceptions is m68k, therefore the CC.

As there are no hppa/m68k distributions released using gcc-3.2,
compatibility with other released distros is not an issue. OTOH, I see
Gentoo and probably other distros built for hppa, first starting with
gcc-3.3, and maybe configured the standard way.

Is it worth (or needed) to strive for binary compatibility of hppa
based distributions, based on gcc-3.3 and glibc-2.3.x?

If yes, does the following approach work: Build a libstdc++5-3.3,
conflicting with libstdc++5 (including libstdc++ with the same soname)
and doing binary uploads for hppa for all libstdc++5 dependent
packages? (The same could be done for m68k, but the compatibility
argument doesn't hold as Debian seems to be the only m68k based


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