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Bug#175353: Many are architecture independent

Anthony DeRobertis writes:
> severity 175353 important
> thanks
> On Wednesday, May 14, 2003, at 08:20 PM, Colin Watson wrote:
> >
> > Why is this filed as a serious bug? It causes harm (at least in theory,
> > if there are people who really share /usr/share with Debian) to have a
> > file incorrectly in /usr/share; it causes no harm to have a file
> > unnecessarily in /usr/lib.
> Well, it causes lost disk space. That's really the only harm I can see.

Please don't forget to file reports against all packages not putting
headers in /usr/share/include, and one extra report for gcc not to
include this directory in the standard include path. Hmm, but only do
this for arch independent headers only.

Please can you close this report?

Thanks, Matthias

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