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Results for 3.2.3 20030331 (Debian prerelease) testsuite on ia64-unknown-linux-gnu

LAST_UPDATED: Mon Mar 31 21:22:25 UTC 2003

Native configuration is ia64-unknown-linux-gnu

		=== g++ tests ===

Running target unix
XPASS: g++.other/init5.C  Execution test
FAIL: g++.pt/repo3.C (test for excess errors)

		=== g++ Summary ===

# of expected passes		7185
# of unexpected failures	1
# of unexpected successes	1
# of expected failures		88
# of untested testcases		23
# of unsupported tests		6
/build/buildd/gcc-3.2-3.2.3ds6/build/gcc/testsuite/../g++ version 3.2.3 20030331 (Debian prerelease)

		=== g77 tests ===

Running target unix

		=== g77 Summary ===

# of expected passes		1458
# of unsupported tests		8
/build/buildd/gcc-3.2-3.2.3ds6/build/gcc/testsuite/../g77 version 3.2.3 20030331 (Debian prerelease)

		=== gcc tests ===

Running target unix
XPASS: gcc.dg/c99-intconst-1.c (test for excess errors)

		=== gcc Summary ===

# of expected passes		18499
# of unexpected successes	1
# of expected failures		83
# of unsupported tests		121
/build/buildd/gcc-3.2-3.2.3ds6/build/gcc/xgcc version 3.2.3 20030331 (Debian prerelease)

		=== objc tests ===

Running target unix
FAIL: objc.dg/naming-1.m  (test for errors, line 20)
FAIL: objc.dg/naming-1.m (test for excess errors)
FAIL: objc.dg/naming-2.m  (test for errors, line 7)
FAIL: objc.dg/naming-2.m (test for excess errors)

		=== objc Summary ===

# of expected passes		1031
# of unexpected failures	4
# of expected failures		6
/build/buildd/gcc-3.2-3.2.3ds6/build/gcc/xgcc version 3.2.3 20030331 (Debian prerelease)

		=== libjava tests ===

Running target unix

		=== libjava Summary ===

# of expected passes		2061
# of expected failures		18
# of untested testcases		14
		=== libstdc++-v3 tests ===

Running target unix
XPASS: 22_locale/collate_byname.cc execution test
XPASS: 22_locale/collate_members_char.cc execution test
XPASS: 22_locale/collate_members_wchar_t.cc execution test
XPASS: 22_locale/ctype_is_char.cc execution test
XPASS: 22_locale/ctype_is_wchar_t.cc execution test
XPASS: 22_locale/members.cc execution test
XPASS: 22_locale/messages_byname.cc execution test
XPASS: 22_locale/messages_members_char.cc execution test
XPASS: 22_locale/moneypunct_byname.cc execution test
XPASS: 22_locale/moneypunct_members_char.cc execution test
XPASS: 22_locale/moneypunct_members_wchar_t.cc execution test
XPASS: 22_locale/numpunct_byname.cc execution test
XPASS: 22_locale/numpunct_members_char.cc execution test
XPASS: 22_locale/numpunct_members_wchar_t.cc execution test
FAIL: 26_numerics/c99_classification_macros_c.cc (test for excess errors)

		=== libstdc++-v3 Summary ===

# of expected passes		432
# of unexpected failures	1
# of unexpected successes	14
# of expected failures		12

Compiler version: 3.2.3 20030331 (Debian prerelease) 
Platform: ia64-unknown-linux-gnu
configure flags: --host=ia64-linux -v --enable-languages=c,c++,java,f77,objc,ada --prefix=/usr --mandir=/usr/share/man --infodir=/usr/share/info --with-gxx-include-dir=/usr/include/c++/3.2 --enable-shared --with-system-zlib --enable-nls --without-included-gettext --enable-__cxa_atexit --enable-clocale=gnu --enable-java-gc=boehm --enable-objc-gc

Patches that Debian applied in this version:

  versioned gcc names

  Add "(Debian)" to the gcc version string

  Add fastjar(1) and grepjar(1) documentation

  Propagate gxx_include_dir to the libstdc++ subdirectory.

  Build and install libstdc++_pic.a library.

  link local libstdc++ documentation to local source-level documentation 

  Richard Henderson <rth at redhat dot com>
  * integrate.c (output_inline_function): Reset input_filename
  and lineno from the decl before rest_of_compilation.

  Use sensible-editor instead of vi as fallback editor

  2002-09-21  Richard Earnshaw  (rearnsha@arm.com)
  	PR opt/7930
  	* cse.c (fold_rtx): Calculate old_cost before we fold each

  add /usr/share/java/repository to the classpath.

  versioned gcj info names

  don't define runtime link path for java binaries and libraries

  Fix typo in gcj documentation.

  Add -cp and -classpath options for gij(1).

  2002-06-09  Tom Tromey  <tromey@redhat.com>
  	* parse.y (method_header): Give error message in all cases.
  	Fixes PR java/6865.

  Find header file for Boehm garbage collector.

  versioned g77 names

  use gcc-3.2 instead of gcc and gnatXXX-3.15 instead of gnatXXX
  as the command names.

  <compiler> --help gives hint to /usr/share/doc/debian/bug-reporting.txt

  autoreconf several directories for proper mipsen libtool support

Counting all warnings,
there are 61 warnings in stage3 of this bootstrap.

Number of warnings per file:
     18	gcc/combine.c
     10	gcc/regclass.c
      4	./intdoc.texi
      3	gcc/reload1.c
      2	gcc/unwind.h
      2	gcc/reload.c
      2	gcc/gcc.c
      2	gcc/fold-const.c
      2	gcc/ada/a-except.adb
      1	gcc/varasm.c
      1	gcc/toplev.c
      1	gcc/sched-deps.c
      1	gcc/regmove.c
      1	gcc/profile.c
      1	gcc/objc/lang-specs.h
      1	gcc/java/jvspec.c
      1	gcc/ggc-page.c
      1	gcc/expr.c
      1	gcc/cppexp.c
      1	gcc/cp/lang-specs.h
      1	gcc/cp/init.c
      1	gcc/cp/class.c
      1	gcc/config/ia64/fde-glibc.c
      1	gcc/calls.c
      1	auto-host.h

Number of warning types:
     31	comparison between signed and unsigned
      5	string length `???' is greater than the length `???' ISO C89 compilers are required to support
      4	`???' might be used uninitialized in this function
      3	unused variable `???'
      3	unused parameter `???'
      3	signed and unsigned type in conditional expression
      2	unlikely character ) in @var.
      2	unlikely character ( in @var.
      1	this is the location of the previous definition
      1	pointer targets in passing arg ??? of `???' differ in signedness
      1	function declaration isn't a prototype
      1	comparison of unsigned expression < 0 is always false
      1	argument `???' might be clobbered by `longjmp' or `vfork'
      1	`long' switch expression not converted to `int' in ISO C
      1	`_GNU_SOURCE' redefined
      1	??? format, ??? arg (arg ???)

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