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Re: gnat-3.2 transition plan

Thanks for your work on GNAT. It will be good to have it being maintained on
Debian again.

> I don't see a significant number of small Ada programs in Debian.

True. However there are a significant number of people who do development of
small programs using Debian and who sometimes distribute them (not in Debian
since they are specialised). I am in this category and would very much like to
avoid a factor of 5 increase (per binary) in the size of my executables. If DSO
support is dropped then I will be forced to package up my own shared library
and distribute this. This greatly decreases the usefulness of Debian as a
development platform for me.

I would hope that there will never be an upgrade of GNAT during the release
time of a stable Debian, so if GNAT compiled applications were dynamically
linked against libgnat then that would mean at some point, applications using
it would have to be recompiled in unstable/testing. Since ACT releases so
infrequently this would just be once per version of Debian. I would not
consider this to be too much work.

If the maintainers of packages don't want to do this then it should be up to
them to uses static linking. The ACT version of 3.15p seems to provide DSO
support so I don't think that static linking should be forced on users by

Thank you,
Steven Murdoch.

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