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Re: c/9762: Address of 'char' is incorrect.

stephen.kennedy@havok.com writes:

|> #define TA char
|> #define TB int
|> #define TC int
|> void foobar(TA a, TB b, TC c);
|> int main()
|> {
|> 	foobar(1,2,3);
|> 	return 0;
|> }
|> void foobar(TA a, TB b, TC c)
|> {
|> 	printf("a == %i  claims %x\n", a, &a);
|> 	printf("a == %i  really %x\n", (&b)[-1], (&b)-1);

There is nothing in the C standard that requires that (char*)(&b-1) == &a.
They are distinct objects, thus not comparable, and &b-1 by itself is
already invalid.


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