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Bug#128950: gcc's -Wconversion

Geoff Thorpe <geoff@geoffthorpe.net> writes:

|> Hi all,
|> I've just been searching the gcc bug database because of what I observed
|> to be a damned annoying behaviour of -Wconversion, and lo' and behold,
|> it looks like you've all been there and done that (PR#: 9072 and 6614).
|> Right now, use of -Wconversion seems to be pretty much useless to me if

-Wconversion is designed to help moving K&R to ISO C, nothing more.

|> I use any function that accepts a parameter smaller than 32-bits. Eg.
|>   void foo(unsigned short b)
|>   {
|>       foo(b + 1);
|>   }
|> compiled with "gcc -Wconversion" gives the dreaded "warning: passing arg
|> 1 of `foo' with different width due to prototype".

This is exactly behaving as documented.


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