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gcc-3.3 packages - default for some architectures?

Now that the estimated release of gcc-3.3 is not far away, I made an
experimental gcc-3.3 package. You'll find it at


Source packages will be there tomorrow. TODO's are:

- drop cpp package, as we don't have a standalone cpp anymore.
  We still need the /lib/cpp link according to FHS. So the
  simple thing would be to provide it by the gcc package (requiring
  installatioin of binutils, libc-dev even on "user only" systems,
  or keep the cpp default at 3.2.

- compare the gcc-3.3 testsuite results, run with 3.2 and
  3.3. Comparision on hppa showed one regression in g77, on i386
  two regressions (one runtime, one dollars in filename), so the
  results look pretty good. For the next gcc-3.2 upload I will
  include the testsuite of the last gcc-snapshot uploaded for

- build the gcc-3-3-base for architectures, that cannot build
  3.3 at the moment (m68k), or that 3.3 should not be built for.

- decide about the default compiler for some architectures.
  What should be done for hppa? First upload the "fixed unwind"
  3.2, or make 3.3 the default now?

  3.3 has -m32/-m64 by default, so maybe it's easier to support
  sparc64 with 3.3.

Happy testing ...


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