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Bug#177671: gcc-3.2: failure to compile w/ -march=pentium2 (or greater) - FP register starvation

job@jobbogan.com writes:
> Package: gcc-3.2
> Version: 1:3.2.1-0pre3
> Severity: normal
> xine-lib-1-beta2 fails to compile w/ -march=pentium2 (or greater).  it
> will compile w/ -march=pentiumpro or with any -mcpu setting.  
> it looks like a failure in the FP register allocator or the MD for p2+
> class cpus.  at least to my untrained eye. =)
> see below for output w/ different march settings.

- please attach the preprocessed source file for the arch setting,
  that fails to compile.

- recheck with the gcc-snapshot package.

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