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Re: locales in buildd environment (http://lists.debian.org/debian-gcc/2003/debian-gcc-200301/msg00060.html)

> > I couldn't find any reference to LOCPATH either, but 
> > setlocale seems to look at directories specified by LOCPATH
> > in addition to (or instead of) the standard location (/usr/lib/locale)
> ok, next question is how to write the new definitions to the new
> LOCPATH. the outputdir in localedef seems to be hardcoded.

The manual page documents:

In boot-floppies build-process, itseems to be:

        mkdir -p $T/usr/lib/locale
        localedef -i "utilities/bogl/C-at-utf-8.in" -f "UTF-8" \

so full-path to output file is the final command-line argument to localedef.


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