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Bug#121269: c/9209: cc allows dollars in identifiers by default on i386 but fails

Synopsis: cc allows dollars in identifiers by default on i386 but fails

State-Changed-From-To: open->analyzed
State-Changed-By: bangerth
State-Changed-When: Mon Jan  6 16:43:21 2003
    There are several things that are wrong:
    - The warning has no effect, i.e. it does not warn when
      dollars _are_ in identifiers.
    - C++ and ISO C do not allow dollars in identifiers. And
      they say so: compiling with -std=c99 and without the
      flag in question yields errors
    - The documentation says that this is a flag that controls
      the _C++_ dialect, yet it is accepted by the C front end
      as well
    - The documentation states:
         Accept `$' in identifiers.  You can also explicitly prohibit use of
         `$' with the option `-fno-dollars-in-identifiers'.  (GNU C allows
         `$' by default on most target systems, but there are a few
         exceptions.)  Traditional C allowed the character `$' to form part
         of identifiers.  However, ISO C and C++ forbid `$' in identifiers.
      Linux alone certainly does not mean "most", but it is an
      important system and if it does not work there, the 
      sentence about "most systems" might mislead about the
      portability of code that uses dollars in identifiers.
    That being said, my opinion clearly is: just don't do it :-)


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