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Bug#175478: g77-3.2: Internal error encountered compiling octave 2.1

> Dirk Eddelbuettel writes:
> > 
> > Package: g77-3.2
> > Version: +N/A; reported 2003-01-05
> > Severity: important
> > 
> > This applies to g77-3.2 on m68k as detailed below in an email I first sent
> > to the m68k build crew, and John Eaton, Octave's author.
> > 
> > Let me know if you need more help. John does provide some more detail below,
> > and the buildd logs have more as well.
> please could you check, if the file changed from the last time you

This particular Fortran file has not changed in years (decades?) but ...

> built with a different (which?) compiler version?

... have a look at the buildd.debian.org logs. There are two issues for m68k

-- I recently switched back from f2c to g77; m68k was the only one using f2c
   This switch was probably made around November. 

-- Octave itself changed some C++ structures and now requires g++ 3.2 or better.
   This only affected the releases of the last few days (2.1.42 onwards). 

So looking at   http://buildd.debian.org/build.php?arch=m68k&pkg=octave2.1
you see that 2.1.40 built fine on m68k using the default (2.95) g++.

Does that help?

Tschuess,  Dirk

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