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Bug#175251: gcc-3.2: evil timeout avoidance script doesn't die!

Package: gcc-3.2
Version: 1:3.2.2ds3-0pre3

I noticed a local buildd had hung while building gcc-3.2; I checked
why and it turns out the evil logwatch.sh script hadn't died even tho
the build had finished.  The script is fairly clearly broken (you trap
the SIGHUP you send it but then don't exit from the function you trap
into?) and the only reason it finished at all on the Debian buildds is
that sbuild's inactivity timeout kicked in[1].  Doh.


[1] auric:/org/buildd.debian.org/db/g/gcc-3.2/1:3.2.2ds3-0pre3/sparc_1041407392_log.bz2 

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