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Bug#45479: marked as done ([alpha] gcc 2.95.1 -O2 problem compiling oo2c_64)

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Subject: Problem with gcc 2.95.1/-O2 on Linux/Alpha
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From: Michael van Acken <acken@vanacken.do.uunet.de>
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Subject: Problem with gcc 2.95.1/-O2 on Linux/Alpha
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The problem: The Oberon to C compiler oo2c_64 fails to compile with
gcc 2.95.1 using the CFLAGS "-O2 -g" on Linux/Alpha, but can be
installed successfully using "-O1 -g".  The target machine and gcc in
question are

  $ hostname -f
  $ uname -a
  Linux faure 2.2.9 #1 Fri May 21 23:08:39 CDT 1999 alpha unknown
  $ gcc -v
  Reading specs from /usr/lib/gcc-lib/alpha-linux/2.95.1/specs
  gcc version 2.95.1 19990816 (release)

The specs file is attached to this mail.  I don't have any information
which configure call was used to install gcc on this machine.

Because the program in question is the output of a pre-compiler (and
not very readable), I cannot break it down into a handy test case for
you within a reasonable time frame.  But I can tell you how to
reproduce the error, and point out the very small code window where I
believe gcc is getting things wrong.


Get the oo2c tar ball at


and apply this patch to add some debug output to the program:

diff -Nru oo2c_64-1.4.6-orig/src.c/ParamPaths.c oo2c_64-1.4.6/src.c/ParamPaths.c
--- oo2c_64-1.4.6-orig/src.c/ParamPaths.c       Sun Aug  8 14:56:20 1999
+++ oo2c_64-1.4.6/src.c/ParamPaths.c    Fri Sep 10 20:18:38 1999
@@ -206,6 +206,7 @@
   if (!(i2)) goto l10;
   h3 = 0;
+printf("A: adr=%lx, value=%d\n", (long int)ParamPaths__ParsePatterns_sym, *ParamPaths__ParsePatterns_sym);
   return (void*)h3;
@@ -429,7 +430,9 @@
   if (i5) goto l7;
   sym = (signed char)2;
   sym = (signed char)2;
+printf("Calling ParamPaths__ParsePatterns_PathList\n");
   h1 = (hugeint)ParamPaths__ParsePatterns_PathList((unsigned char)1, str, &sym, &includeEnd);
+printf("B: adr=%lx, value=%d\n", (long int)&sym, sym);
   i5 = sym;
   i2 = includeEnd;
   goto l8;

Then try to build the program:

  CFLAGS="-O2 -g" ./configure --disable-gc --disable-libs

On faure this ends when the program `stage1/oo2c' (built from the
source files in src.c/) is called for the first time:

| [...]
| if test no = yes; then \
|   stage1/oo2c --config oo2crc.stage2 --libtool-cmd /usr/bin/libtool --make-lib --lib-path /usr/local/lib liboo2c && touch liboo2c; \
| else \
|   stage1/oo2c --config oo2crc.stage2 -Mv liboo2c; \
| fi
| Calling ParamPaths__ParsePatterns_PathList
| A: adr=11ffff930, value=1
| B: adr=11ffff930, value=0
| Error in oo2crc.stage2 at pos 861:
| GET expected
| make: *** [liboo2c] Error 1

The error message is wrong, the problem is summarized by the output
lines A and B: at the very end of the function
  (file oo2c_64-1.4.6/src.c/ParamPaths.c, line 148)
the value at the indicated address is reported as `1' (output A),
while directly after the call to this function, the same address is
reported to have the value `0' (output B).  "A" is correct, but
somehow the correct value does not show up in memory, or is
overwritten in between.  Btw, the same happens if -fno-strict-aliasing
is set.

On the other hand, when building with -O1, the Makefile completes all
rules without any errors:

  make distclean 
  CFLAGS="-O1 -g" ./configure --disable-gc --disable-libs

In particular, the first occurence of the debug output looks like this:

| [...]
| Calling ParamPaths__ParsePatterns_PathList
| A: adr=11ffff940, value=1
| B: adr=11ffff940, value=1
| [...]

Drop me a note if you need any additional information.

Michael van Acken

file: /usr/lib/gcc-lib/alpha-linux/2.95.1/specs
*asm: %{G*} %{relax:-relax} %{gdwarf*:-no-mdebug}


%{!undef:%{.S:-D__LANGUAGE_ASSEMBLY__ -D__LANGUAGE_ASSEMBLY %{!ansi:-DLANGUAGE_ASSEMBLY }}%{.cc|.cxx|.C:-D__LANGUAGE_C_PLUS_PLUS__ -D__LANGUAGE_C_PLUS_PLUS -D__cplusplus }%{.m:-D__LANGUAGE_OBJECTIVE_C__ -D__LANGUAGE_OBJECTIVE_C }%{!.S:%{!.cc:%{!.cxx:%{!.C:%{!.m:-D__LANGUAGE_C__ -D__LANGUAGE_C %{!ansi:-DLANGUAGE_C }}}}}}%{mieee:-D_IEEE_FP }%{mieee-with-inexact:-D_IEEE_FP -D_IEEE_FP_INEXACT }}%(cpp_cpu) %(cpp_subtarget)



crtend.o%s crtn.o%s

-m elf64alpha %{G*} %{relax:-relax}		  %{O*:-O3} %{!O*:-O1}						  %{shared:-shared}						  %{!shared:							    %{!static:							      %{rdynamic:-export-dynamic}				      %{!dynamic-linker:-dynamic-linker %(elf_dynamic_linker)}}	    %{static:-static}}

%{shared:-lc}%{!shared:%{pthread:-lpthread }%{profile:-lc_p}%{!profile:-lc}} 


%{!shared:      %{pg:gcrt1.o%s} %{!pg:%{p:gcrt1.o%s} %{!p:crt1.o%s}}}   crti.o%s crtbegin.o%s



-Dlinux -Dunix -Asystem(linux) -D_LONGLONG -D__alpha__ -D__ELF__



. !mieee;ieee mieee;



mieee mieee;


-D__alpha_bwx__ -Acpu(bwx)

-D__alpha_max__ -Acpu(max)

-D__alpha_fix__ -Acpu(fix)

-D__alpha_cix__ -Acpu(cix)

-D__alpha_ev4__ -Acpu(ev4)

-D__alpha_ev5__ -Acpu(ev5)

-D__alpha_ev6__ -Acpu(ev6)



%(cpp_im_ev5) %(cpp_am_bwx)

%(cpp_im_ev5) %(cpp_am_bwx) %(cpp_am_max)

%(cpp_im_ev6) %(cpp_am_bwx) %(cpp_am_max) %(cpp_am_fix)


%{!undef:-Acpu(alpha) -Amachine(alpha) -D__alpha -D__alpha__ %{mcpu=ev4|mcpu=21064:%(cpp_cpu_ev4) }%{mcpu=ev5|mcpu=21164:%(cpp_cpu_ev5) }%{mcpu=ev56|mcpu=21164a:%(cpp_cpu_ev56) }%{mcpu=pca56|mcpu=21164pc|mcpu=21164PC:%(cpp_cpu_pca56) }%{mcpu=ev6|mcpu=21264:%(cpp_cpu_ev6) }%{!mcpu*:%(cpp_cpu_default) }}



%{!fsyntax-only:  %{!c:%{!M:%{!MM:%{!E:%{!S:%(linker) %l %X %{o*} %{A} %{d} %{e*} %{m} %{N} %{n} 			%{r} %{s} %{t} %{u*} %{x} %{z} %{Z}			%{!A:%{!nostdlib:%{!nostartfiles:%S}}}			%{static:} %{L*} %D %o			%{!nostdlib:%{!nodefaultlibs:%G %L %G}}			%{!A:%{!nostdlib:%{!nostartfiles:%E}}}			%{T*}			


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feedback has been requested on Sat, 1 Jun 2002 22:19:25 +0200, now
closing the report. Please feel free to reopen the report providing
more information using recent compiler versions.

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