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Re: gcc 3.1.1 borked on voltaire

    Well it doesn't look like its binutils so far. I tried building
the current gcc-3.1-3.1.1-ds3 source package against current debian
sid and my local binutils and it fails in the same
manner. I am now rebuilding my local gcc-3.1.1 package which is based
on the debian rules/patches dir from gcc-3.1-3.1.1-0pre3 with the
release gcc 3.1.1 tarball. That built fine last week but I want to
make sure something isn't broken somewhere else in sid. I saw that
last week the first time when I built it when groff was broken and
caused two additional gcc testsuite failures before it was fixed in
a -2 release. I also doubt binutils is directly at fault because 
using dpkg-deb -x I looked at the current binutils-
test-summary.gz for the powerpc build and it shows no errors. So
it doesn't make much sense for it to be binutils if that is the 
case. Lastly, looking through which arches passed and failed on their
gcc-3.1 builds there is no pattern. Some failed with the .14-2 
binutils installed and some passed with the .14-12 binutils installed.
Anyway I'll let everyone know if my rebuild of my local gcc 3.1.1 release
package is successful...if that is the case the problem should lie in
the gcc-3.1-3.1.1-ds3 package and not elsewhere in sid.

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