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Re: URGENT: Re: report #126993

On Sat, 5 Jan 2002, Matthias Klose wrote:

> Christopher C. Chimelis writes:
> > Speaking of bugs, can you take back 126162?  I've
> > fixed my part of it already and the ball's back in your court.
> unsure, who gets the ball, but not me/gcc. I tried to build an old
> gcc-3.0.2 debian package and an upstream 3.0.3 package on vore. All
> show the same bus errors for executables. So there _IS_ something
> wrong, but not gcc-3.0. And the uploaded sparc package shows the same
> test results as I got.

How long ago did you try (with which binutils)?  Also, IIRC, doesn't vore
have binutils-multiarch installed?  I'd be curious to see what happens
without it.  I'll try it here on my ultra to see what happens.

> This seems to be a Debian related problem, so what do we want to do?

I guess I'll start sniffing at the problem.


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