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Re: Bug#121282: On i386, gcc-3.0 allows $ in indentifiers but not the asm

On Tue, 27 Nov 2001, Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:

> I could have sworn it was NTFS...
> util.h:
> typedef enum {
>         FILE_$Mft       = 0,
>         FILE_$MftMirr   = 1,
> etc.
> I'm fairly certain that DOLLARS_IN_IDENTIFIERS affects the legality of
> that enum.

Yes, it does and you're correct.  Ugh.

> I look at this differently; it's our job to be accepting and GCC's job
> to be conformant.  With Joseph and others actively deprecating
> extensions, that seems a better place to take this up.

Agreed.  It's worth at least some discussion there before any decisions
are made.  For now, I'll agree that other things need to be changed
external to gcc (kernel code and/or Makefiles, etc) before flipping this
option off, so we can just point at any further bug reports and say "bad
code, please fix" and mark them wishlist until the issue is decided upon
with upstream.

Ok, that makes sense to me then.  I guess I'll expect a few gas bugs to be
filed sooner or later about this, but I can live with that :-)

Thanks for making me think about it more :-)


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