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Bug#108663: Help with bug #108663


> changes in the system include files which affected the result?

I thought that too, so I put features.h.orig back ontop of features.h.
And it still kept compiling. So I thought, I must have modified
the original back too. No problem, I'm compiling glibc, I have the
source lying around.  diff'd features.h against 2.2.4-1 and
2.2.3-9 and came back with nothing... the file is original.
Which really wigged me out :)

> The most confusing part of this is that everything works fine on i386, and
> features.h is exactly the same between 2.2.4-2/i386 (my system) and
> 2.2.3-9/hppa (paer).  Same goes for netinet/udp.h.  sys/cdefs.h only differs
> inside a comment block.  So I think I'm inclined to blame g++, and I'm going
> to reassign the bug there until I figure out what else to do.

Now that you mention it. It probably looks more and more like a g++ bug.
I can't compile that test program with gcc or g++. However, since my
results _seem_ to be tainted, I'll run through them again this morning.
I'll get back to you in the afternoon.

> Which version of libc6-dev were you running on your test system?  I had been
> using paer, which has 2.2.3-9 installed.

I was using the latest apt-get dist-upgrade'd version, which is 2.2.3-9.
Incidentally the last version that compiles on hppa.

> If you don't mind publicizing it, could you send a copy of your analysis to
> 108663@bugs.debian.org?  I'm not copying this message there because I'm
> quoting your text; if you don't mind, I'd like to send this message there as
> well, to help others in tracking down the problem

Send away!
I'll do a proper bug report when I get into the office.

Bug Test:
- libc version
- gcc version
- ld version

Test basic program with _BSD_SOURCE (gcc and g++)
Test with #undef _BSD_SOURCE (gcc and g++)

Outline previous description.

Test it on 712/60 and 715/50.
Record results.

Email to 108663@bugs.debian.org


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