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ddts: notification about fr translation of the g++-2.95 description


This is merely an automated notification mail from the ddts 'Debian Description
Translation Server'.

A translator recently uploaded a new version of the description of this
package. The descriptions are included below.

For more information about this mail and the ddts, please visit this page:

Thanks for your attention.
#from: philippe.trbich@free.fr
#id: 8de247ef75ee1b5bdd11cc4b9c389580
#lang_postfix: fr
#packages: g++-2.95
Description: The GNU C++ compiler.
 NOTE: This is not a final release, but taken from the CVS gcc-2_95-branch
 (dated 20010522).
 This is the GNU C++ compiler, a fairly portable optimizing compiler for C++.
Description-fr: Le compilateur GNU C++
 NOTE : ce n'est pas la version finale mais elle a été prise sur la branche CVS
 gcc-2_95 (datée du 22 mai 2001).
 C'est le compilateur GNU C++, un compilateur optimisé et assez portable pour C++.

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