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Re: extension bz2

> Il s'agit de l'option I pour les versions plus anciennes. L'option a
> changé dernièrement pour des problèmes de compatibilité avec un autre UNIX
> (SunOS je crois) qui utilisait I pour autre chose.

exact, sous solaris l'option I sert deja a autre chose

    -I include-file
           Opens include-file containing a list of files, one per
           line,   and   treats  it  as  if  each  file  appeared
           separately on the command line. Be careful of trailing
           white  spaces.  Also  beware  of leading white spaces,
           since, for each line in the included file, the  entire
           line  (apart  from  the newline) will be used to match
           against the initial string of files to include. In the
           case  where  excluded  files (see X function modifier)
           are also specified,  they  take  precedence  over  all

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