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(Xchange) ICANN At Large Membership Study Committee

As an ICANN member
I just received this message and encourage you to join and participate
If you don't do it... who will???
To join go to http://www.icann.org/

------- Forwarded Message Follows -------
From:           	members-announce@icann.org
Date sent:      	Wed, 28 Feb 2001 19:02:08 -0800
To:             	"At-Large Members" <members-announce@icann.org>
Subject:        	[members-announce] ICANN At Large Membership Study Committee

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Share your views with the At Large Membership Study Committee - come to
the Committee's first meeting in Melbourne on March 9, or send your ideas
to <mailto:comments@atlargestudy.org>.  Sign-up to receive future
Committee announcements at <http://www.atlargestudy.org> -- OR -- by
sending an email containing your name and email address to
<mailto:announce@atlargestudy.org>.  * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * *
* * * * ** * * * * * ** * * * * * *

I receivedthis message because I signed up for the ICANN At
Large Membership Program last year. As was noted in ICANN's last email to
you (October 11, 2000), an At Large Membership Study Committee has been
formed to undertake a comprehensive study of the concept, structure and
processes relating to an ICANN At Large membership.  On behalf of the
Committee, we are asking for your input to help us achieve a broad
consensus on an appropriate and effective means by which Internet
stakeholders worldwide may participate in ICANN's activities and
decisions.  This includes both how they can give input to ICANN (directly
or through representatives), and how that input should affect ICANN's
overall decision-making processes.

**In order to receive future announcements about the Committee's
efforts, you must "opt-in" by subscribing to the Committee's email
list.  You can do this by signing up on our website at
<http://www.atlargestudy.org> -- OR -- by sending an email containing your
name and email address to <mailto:announce@atlargestudy.org>.**  (Do not
reply to this message.)

As you know, five of the current At-Large Directors were selected
according to a vote of Internet users held last year.  The vote was part
of a compromise interim solution adopted by ICANN's Board, which included
the direct selection of five ICANN directors by a self-selected At Large
constituency, and a comprehensive study of how to appropriately provide
for input and influence into ICANN policy deliberations and actions by the
general Internet community.  (For additional information see
<http://www.icann.org/committees/at-large/study-comments.htm> and
The Committee plans to submit final recommendations to ICANN's Board in
November of this year.

We want to hear your views on At Large membership and how we should
tackle this challenge.  In addition to joining the email list, you also
are invited to participate in what will be the first of several public
meetings the Committee will hold throughout the world:

             At Large Study Committee Public Meeting
                      Melbourne, Australia
                  Friday, March 9, 12:30 - 4:30
        Melbourne Convention Centre <http://www.mecc.com.au>

On our website <http://www.atlargestudy.org> you will find additional
information about this meeting and the Committee's efforts, as well as
related At Large activities.  A discussion forum will be added to our
website soon to provide you with another avenue for sharing your views. We
would like to hear from you right away on what issues should be addressed
in the At Large Study.  For example, it has been suggested that we
consider the following:

  -  What are the benefits and goals of At Large involvement?
  -  To what degree should the general Internet community be involved
     in ICANN?
  -  How should "At Large Member" be defined?
  -  Should there be membership requirements, and if so what should
     they be?
  -  What processes and structures should be established within ICANN
     for At Large Member involvement?

Please share your ideas by sending an email to
<mailto:comments@atlargestudy.org> or by attending our first public
meeting in Melbourne on March 9.

Our website <http://www.atlargestudy.org> has been created to keep you
apprised of, and involved in, our work.  Please add your name to our email
list, participate in our discussion forum, and visit often for information
on the At Large Study and related efforts.

We look forward to hearing from you, and to working with you.


Carl Bildt, Chair,
Pindar Wong and Chuck Costello, Vice-Chairs
At Large Membership Study Committee

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