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Problem with SCSI controller DPT PM2654U2


I've got some problems when installing Debian GNU/Linux on a COMPAQ
Proliant 1600R (2x cpu 550MHz - 655 Mb RAM - 4x 9Gb Ultra 2 SCSI). I
want to have a RAID 5 array with a DPT PM2654U2 SCSI controller.

I need to compile a linux kernel supporting this controller. So i used
the source code provided on the DPT web site. 

The new kernel is copied on the rescue floppy (from slink or the more
recent rescues floppy in the frozen distrib.). I made tests using DPT
code source and linux kernel 2.2.(5|13|14). 

During the boot process, the DPT hardware is well probed and i can see
one 26 Gb SCSI hard drive. 

The partition process is ok. 

Problems occurs when mke2fs is launched on a 1GB partition. The mke2fs
is very very very slow. Sometimes there are error messages (time out
error messages). If a test on a 500 Mb partition, mke2fs is very slow

DPT said to me that the problem is caused by a error in the
SCSI termination.

I check this and it's ok. To test/check i've installed NT 4 and i/o are
very fast on the RAID 5 array.

Then DPT said to me that only RedHat is supported...

I don't know if i'm wrong but linux kernel is the same for all
distributions !

Thought it is, RedHat 6.1 works very well on this server (sic). The
linux kernel in this distribution is 2.2.12. I used the floppy
provided by DPT and containing the compiled driver.

I don't understant why all is ok with RedHat and not with Debian. 

Any idea ?


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