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Re: base64

Si `mpack' ne fonctionne pas, j'ai auusi ceci dans mon

  $ /usr/local/bin/unmime
  unmime (UNIX)  ver. 2.3; Copyright (c) 1995 Gisle Hannemyr
     Usage: unmime [options] file_in [file_out]
     Valid options:
          -a          -- about unmime
          -h          -- print this quick summary
          -b          -- decode base64 encoded body (no header)
          -q          -- decode quoted-printable encoded body (no header)
          -p[<lines>] -- page output (<lines> = page size, default: 24)
          -s          -- split (write only body to file_out)
  The program expects  file_in  to be a full mime message  (including
  headers).  It will parse the headers and decode the message. If you
  specify  the -b or the -q option,  unmime will assume this encoding
  and will process a message body without any headers.
  The decoded file will be written on file_out. If you do not specify
  this file, the result is written to standard output.

  $ /usr/local/bin/encdec 
  encdec: usage: encdec -e/-d -b/-q
  Encdec encodes or decodes stdin
  and prints the result to stdout.
          -e      encode
          -d      decode
          -b      use base64
          -q      use quoted-printable

S'il n'y a vraiment rien dans Debian pour faire ça, on pourra en
faire un paquet...


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