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Re: apt "sources" debian : confiance ?

On Thursday 19 August 1999, at 14 h 56, the keyboard of MARIANO Georges 
<mariano@terre.inrets.fr> wrote:

> 	- comment considérer ces paquets par rapport à ceux
> 	accessibles par  des sources debian "officielles" ?
> 	- sont-ils fiables ?

Je vais citer le texte d'avertissement de la page des sources non officielles. 
Il me semble suffisant :

Important warning

This information is non authoritative. There is no warranty for anything. 
Debian has not even to care about this. Some people, among the maintainers of 
these sources, are actual Debian developers but not all.

Official packets came from Debian developers and are distributed from Debian 
official sites and CD-ROMs. Unsupported packages came from NOBODY. No PGP 
signature, no authentification, no support, no address in @debian.org, no Bug 
Tracking System.

Who wants, at is own risk, takes unsupported packages and (potentially) 
compromises her own system, can do it from these sources.

"Maintainers" are who they say to be. If you find a bug try to contact the 
package "maintainer". If he helps you, you are fine, if not you shouldn't have 
been installing unsupported packages. :-)

> généralisation :
> 	- à partir de quand/quoi une (nouvelle) source	
> 	(hors "domaine debian") est-elle considérée comme fiable ??

Justement : quant elle cesse d'être "hors Debian". Quant le paquetage est 
intégré dans Debian, ce qui veut dire examiné par James Troup (aïe) et 
utilisable dans le BTS (le système de gestion de bogues).

Stephane Bortzmeyer  
Tout est aléa, confusion et précarité, sauf le Catalogue. (Fred Vargas)

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