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Attention au CD Infomagic

Le nouveau pack Infomagic (incluant « Debian 2.0 ») étant disponible en 
France (vu au Monde en Tique, à Paris), je crois utile de transmettre 
l'avertissement suivant. La discussions sur la liste semble indiquer que 
le CD est effectivement catastrophique :

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>From debian-devel-request@lists.debian.org  Tue Jul 28 17:19:39 1998
From: gsstark@mit.edu
To: debian-devel@lists.debian.org
Subject: Warning, Infomagic CD screwup
Date: 28 Jul 1998 11:16:26 -0400
Message-ID: <wkemv680qd.fsf@generation.net>

A friend just bought an InfoMagic CD that clearly says: Debian 2.0

But when he opens the CD (which doesn't boot) he sees files that look
like they came from bo (and even a file called Debian-1.1 ie, rex!).

The files on the i386 binary disk are:

BO             <DIR>        07-05-97  6:35a BO
BO-UPDAT       <DIR>        07-08-98 11:04a BO-UPDAT
BOOT           <DIR>        04-23-97  9:38a BOOT
COLOPHON TXT           500  07-05-97  7:12a COLOPHON.TXT
CONTRIB        <DIR>        07-08-98  2:30p CONTRIB
DEBIAN-1 1               0  07-05-97  6:35a DEBIAN-1.1
DOC            <DIR>        07-01-97  8:53p DOC
FROZEN                   0  07-05-97  6:35a FROZEN
LS_LR    4          97,157  07-08-98  2:22p LS_LR.4
READ_CD  TXT           600  07-05-97  7:12a READ_CD.TXT
SOURCE   TXT           894  07-05-97  7:12a SOURCE.TXT
STABLE                   0  07-05-97  6:35a STABLE
TOOLS          <DIR>        03-21-97  5:42a TOOLS
TRANS    TBL           602  07-08-98 11:35a TRANS.TBL
         8 file(s)         99,753 bytes
         6 dir(s)               0 bytes free

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