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v0.34.0 released

Plinth, the FreedomBox web interface, v0.34.0 has been released, and uploaded to
Debian unstable.

User-facing changes in this release:
- Updated translations for Italian, Dutch, Hindi, Hungarian
- Prompt for secret during firstboot welcome
  - (Does not apply to downloadable FreedomBox images, but only when installed
using freedombox-setup package.)

A Backups module (using borgbackup) is in development, and in its current state
provides some basic operations. However it is not ready for general use yet, and
so the module is disabled by default for this release.

Contributors to the git repository for this release:
- Bart Notelaers
- Doma Gergő
- Gayathri Das
- ikmaak
- James Valleroy
- Joseph Nuthalapati
- Sciumedanglisc

The full list of changes is located here:

Recent nightly (unstable) images can be downloaded from here:


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