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[Freedombox-discuss] Plinth v0.15.3 released


Plinth v0.15.3 has been released, and uploaded to Debian unstable. It
should migrate to testing in a few days.

I didn't send an email about Plinth v0.15.1 or v0.15.2 releases, so
below is a summary of the changes in each of these releases.

Changes in Plinth v0.15.1:
- Added Tahoe-LAFS module for distributed file storage.
- New Locales for Czech (cs) and Tamil (ta).
- Added SSO using auth_pubtkt for Syncthing, TT-RSS, and the Repro admin
panel. If you are logged in to Plinth, you will be automatically logged
in to these web apps.
- ejabberd: Added option to enable/disable Message Archive Management.
- help: Added Debian release name to about page.
- firstboot: De-bloat first welcome screen.
- Pinned footer to the bottom of the viewport.
- disks: Restrict precision of reported available space on root partition.
- diagnostics: Disable button if app/service is not running.
- help: Only show help pages if user is logged in.
- navbar: Moved logout to user drop-down and added power controls.
- disks: Show disabled partition resize option if no space is available.
- Added line break to titles to fix frontpage layout.
- syncthing: Fixed typos and clarity in description.
- firewall: Fix 500 error when firewalld is not running.
- setup: Disable install/upgrade when dpkg/apt is running.
- disks: Use information from lsblk for more accuracy.
- datetime: Show timezone properly when it is not in expected list.

Changes in Plinth v0.15.2:
- letsencrypt: Show more info on cert validity status.
- letsencrypt: Add option to delete certificates.
- letsencrypt: Add option to let Plinth manage certbot's renewal hooks.
- power: Warn if a package manager is running before shutdown/restart.
- security: Install and manage fail2ban.
- names: Include domain and services from dynamicdns.
- disks: Add low disk space warning to system and disks page.
- ssh: New application to manage SSH server.
- Add api module to get enabled services and access info.
- Add Django password validators.
- ejabberd, ikiwiki, ttrss: Add user login descriptions.
- diaspora: Disabled module due to issues affecting package.
- Remove help from navbar before firstboot complete.
- i18n: Don't use backslash-newline for wrapping long lines.
- radicale: Update link to documentation.
- sso: Upgrade crypto to 4096-bit RSA and SHA-512.
- Users: Allow non-admin users to log out.
- letsencrypt: Make Let's Encrypt an essential module.
- UI: Make apps and configure pages responsive on small screens.
- Make help accessible for logged-in non-admin users.

Changes in Plinth v0.15.3:
- Rename Disks to Storage.
- Rename Snapshot to Storage Snapshots.
- tt-rss: Enable API access by default.
- Allow access to Plinth from outside the LAN.
- matrix-synapse: Disable public registration by default.
- power: Merge actions into the user dropdown.
- Add locales for Kannada (kn) and for Bengali (bn).
- ejabberd: Use Let's Encrypt certificate, also across renewals.
- matrix-synapse: Add enable/disable public registrations.
- Add captcha validation on 3 failed attempts.
- matrix-synapse: Enable LDAP integration.
- letsencrypt: Automatically obtain and revoke SSL certificates.
- Fix front page label names.
- Fix vertical alignment of shortcut icons.
- storage: Fix issue with locales that use other decimal separators.
- Make tt-rss api accessible using Apache basic auth.
- letsencrypt: Handle case where current domain is empty.
- Handle both admin and non-admin user names in update user template.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to these releases!


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