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[Freedombox-discuss] FYI - how to install Cockpit web (UI) service to fbx

On Wednesday 09 August 2017 01:59 PM, heynmoeller wrote:
> Reload of firewalld seems to be needed to know/recognize cockpit as a
> service!

Ouch. firewalld does not seem to read new files placed in its services
directory automatically.  If necessary we can take care of this when we
write Plinth application for cockpit.  However, if we are able to run
cockpit under /cockpit (like we do for many other services) then we
won't have to deal with opening up the port.

> At the moment there is no integration into Freedombox (as a Service) yet.
> A Plinth-Module needs to be build for further integration; if needed/wanted!

Quite a few of us were interested to see cockpit integrated in FreedomBox.

> Features I like to use with cockpit: web-console and viewing logs (with
> filters), administrate, managing and have a look to my NAS.
> Maybe someone find it useful

Thanks for the report.  It is helpful and confirms that Plinth app
creation is straight forward.

Would be interesting to know if cockpit can run behind Apache under
/cockpit.  This would avoid having to meddle with the firewall and we
can potentially do (SSO) authentication using Apache.  Let us know if
you happen to try out something like that.


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