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[Freedombox-discuss] Plinth v0.10.0 released and ppp issue SOLVED!

On 09/06/2016 12:56 AM, A. F. Cano wrote:

>> Once network manager has support, having Plinth manage this from web
>> interface is a matter of writing some web forms for configuration input
>> and status display.
> After digging into nm-settings (man nm-settings) I had to set these to
> duplicate the ppp configuration in /etc/ppp/peers/cell:
> $ sudo nmcli con modify "ppp" cdma.username qnc
> $ sudo nmcli con modify "ppp" cdma.password qnc
> $ sudo nmcli con modify "ppp" ppp.refuse-chap true
> $ sudo nmcli con modify "ppp" ppp.crtscts true
> $ sudo nmcli con modify "ppp" ppp.lcp-echo-interval 65535
> $ sudo nmcli con modify "ppp" ppp.lcp-echo-failure 4
> $ sudo nmcli con modify "ppp" ppp.baud 115200
> I'm not sure all of these are absolutely necessary, particularly the
> baud since the connection is a usb connection, but that's what has
> worked for years.  Per nm-settings, there are quite a few cdma.*, ppp.*,
> gsm.*, etc... options.  That could make for a quite lengthy web form.
> At the very least the above options seem so be sufficient to make ppp
> work, at least on my cdma device.

Thanks you for the comprehensive report.  This is should help us get
started with mobile broadband connections in FreedomBox.

network-manager GUI programs use a common database of mobile broadband
network providers[1][2][3].  This database provides all the information
needed to configure a mobile internet connection easily without asking
the user for overly technical information. This is available as a
separate package in Debian[4] for easy usage.  During the initial type
selection page, we can have 'Mobile Broadband' as an option and later
request for 'Country' and 'Provider' (with type) and let the user select.

I have created a separate issue to track the progress[5].  Could you try
removing all the ppp specific settings and see if your are still able to
connect?  You can edit the /etc/NetworkManager/ connection file directly
for ease.  This will tell use that we don't have to bother with ppp
settings which I hope is the case.



5) https://github.com/freedombox/Plinth/issues/602


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