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[Freedombox-discuss] Testing ODroid-XU4 Notes

Quoting Nick Daly (2016-09-05 19:51:55)
> Jonas Smedegaard <dr at jones.dk> writes:
>> Quoting Nick Daly (2016-09-04 21:27:25)
>>>   - The [ODroid-XU4] seems sturdy and fast.  Really nice hardware.
>> Do I recall correctly that the "fast" part come with the price of 
>> needing a fan?
> Yes, the system comes with an integrated fan, about 2cm diameter.  It 
> runs infrequently (a few seconds a minute) when the system is not 
> under load, and seems pretty quiet (which you'd expect for a small 
> fan).  I haven't tried putting the system under load yet, though.  
> I've attached a picture (that may or may not be scrubbed) with a 
> Beaglebone Black for scale.

I recommend hardware _without_ need for fan as Freedombox.

A fan is a moving part - often the only one - likely wearing out much 
earlier than the rest of the device.  In my experience, fans do not fail 
but becomes more and more noisy over time - especially tiny fans.

One way you can try limit the use of the fan (other than underclocking 
the device) is to lower ethernet speed to 100Mbit or maybe even 10Mbit.  
Depending on your usage pattern, there is no real gain from higher speed 
but I suspect (with no hard data to support it, though) that its effect 
on heat is noticable.

 - Jonas

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