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[Freedombox-discuss] Tor relay not correctly configured

I recently set up a fresh installation of Freedombox.  I've updated
everything, so it should be running all the latest versions everything. 
The only Plinth module I've tried installing so far is Tor.  For some
reason, it is not configured correctly.  According to the wiki[0], it
should be set up to act as a bridge relay.  However, this does not
appear to be happening.  On my Tor diagnostics page, it shows a "failed"
for the relay and Obfs3 checks.  I have also verified over SSH that my
torrc is not correctly edited to start the bridge relay.  I know I could
change this manually, but I think it is important to get this working
through the Plinth interface.

-Ben Cook

PS: I really liked meeting Sunil at Libreplanet this past weekend.  He
was very helpful!

[0] https://wiki.debian.org/FreedomBox/Configs/Tor#Current_Configuration

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