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[Freedombox-discuss] Wider Distribution Concerns?

Hi folks, during the call today, Markus and Sunil brought up the fact
that they had concerns about distributing 100 boxen to developers
(projectdanube.org), and thought it would be a good idea to discuss
what those concerns are.  This might help us direct the 1.0 todo list
as well.

To start, my concerns are that we've written Plinth and some glue code
(like Augeas-lenses, FBuddy, etc.) for the project.  I'm pretty sure
all of these things were necessary (because nothing available in
Debian did them in the coordinated way we needed them to), but I'm
uncomfortable releasing externally-facing services without getting
those services a proper security review.  I'm sure we'll do our best,
but it also feels negligent to ask people to rely on our tools without
making reasonable external verifications.

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