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[Freedombox-discuss] Monthly Progress Call: 12/28 7 PM GMT?

On Monday 22 December 2014 03:35 AM, Nick Daly wrote:
> Hi folks, let me know if this month's scheduled progress meeting, 12/28,
> 19:00 GMT, does or doesn't work for you.  If it doesn't, we can
> reschedule for other times.  Please offer potential times if asking for
> a reschedule.

This time works for me (will be in Hamburg UTC+1 that day).

> - Review 0.3 blockers.  Are we ready to declare a release?

jvalleroy finished working on the only release blocker.  We should
review/push his work.  We might make some progress on release even
before the meeting :)

> - Identify 1.0 blockers.
> - Create a general "Contribute" wiki page telling people how to pull
>   projects, put them together, and submit changes?


In addition, I propose discussing whether we can make Plinth the front
page for FreedomBox.


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