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[Freedombox-discuss] Setting Up Freedombox Dev Environment

On Tuesday 16 December 2014 06:47 PM, Eli wrote:
> How do I install/configure a development version of freedombox on a
> debian testing system? (one pulled from github, not from jessie's
> repositories).

None of the developers are focusing on supporting FreedomBox for Jessie
due to the additional effort involved and the current status.  So, no
one knows how to get things working on testing.

If you wish to work on Jessie support for FreedomBox as your
contribution to the project, it is certainly welcome.  Please post
details of the errors you are facing in each case.

> I was able to successfully install Plinth from
> https://github.com/freedombox/Plinth.git, and get it running. However,
> navigating to a URL besides the configuration screen causes an internal
> server error. I assume this is because I have not built the actual
> freedombox source.

Run Plinth in non-daemon mode and debug mode with --no-daemon --debug
flags.  Please report the terminal output.

> I tried building a .deb using
> https://github.com/petterreinholdtsen/freedombox-setup.git, but I
> encountered some errors there too.

Error log here too would be helpful.


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