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[Freedombox-discuss] Switch to btrfs on the Freedombox?

[Craig Barnes]
> This should only be a documentation change, I have submitted a minimal
> PR with the adjustments to u-boot.
> https://github.com/freedombox/freedom-maker/pull/1

Great.  I pulled it a while back, and I am happy to know that it work.

But I tested on Raspberry Pi today, and the image do not boot because
the root file system isn't found.  I suspect it is because the kernel
used isn't a debian kernel with the btrfs kernel module loaded, but
did not spend much time investigating.  Switching to ext4 got the
system booting again.  Anyone got a clue how to get this working with

> No changes are needed to vmdebootstrap to make this work.  I used
> the image that I created before making any of my adjustments to
> vmdebootstrap.


> I have noticed that the /btrfs/ path is not the the top of btrfs
> filesystem as expected, but the '@' subvolume.  I've not been able
> to find out why yet unfortunately.
> Will this make managing snapshots problematic?

No idea.  Do not quite understand what you mean by "the top of the
btrfs filesystem". @ is mounted as /, and what I believed to be the
top is mounted as /btrfs/, to ensure @ kan be snapshotted below
/btrfs/ and used during boot if one want to jump back to a earlier
version of the root file system.

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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