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[Freedombox-discuss] #NSA #prism "safe" communication ?

On 07/04/2013 04:55 PM, Quiliro Ord??ez wrote:
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> El 03/07/13 11:00, Sandy Harris escribi?:
> It is a mistake to call non-free software commercial.

Software released under a license that keeps the user from having the four
freedoms of the GPL is called "proprietary software".  The term proprietary
has a specific meaning in the business world (i.e., the author has exclusive
legal rights which it uses to restrict how copies get sold, distributed, and
in the case of software even used and/or tinkered with).

Commercial software can be free or it can be proprietary.  (Or it can be 
for everyone and the copyright holder can sell exceptions to others to 
let them
make their own proprietary copies.)


> It implies free
> software cannot be commercialized or that non-free software is strictly
> commercial. Those statements are false. Commerce has nothing to do with
> freedom. As freedom has nothing to do with price.
> How can non-free software be safer? It is rather always the other way
> around. Non-free software is always on the hands of the developer to
> decrypt. Free software isn't.
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