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[Freedombox-discuss] π-Box April/May snapshot released

Hello Freedomboxers,

For two and a half years now our EU-funded research group FlexCloud been 
looking at how users may be empowered to become more flexible regarding the 
use of public and personal devices, services and assets. We have envisioned a 
user-controlled system called the "?-Box" which, if connected with other such 
boxes, creates a trustworthy "?-Cloud". It is in many ways not intended to be 
used for practical work, but instead may serve as inspiration for future 
client system development, including perhaps FreedomBox.

With the ?-Box, users can discover, use, offer and exchange services of 
various categories, including computing infrastructure, applications, data, 
devices such as robots and house automation, human work and product delivery. 

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