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[Freedombox-discuss] startup 'Nebula' releases personal cloud device

2013/4/2 Vikram Kamath <vikram.kmth at gmail.com>:
> https://www.nebula.com/

Thanks for finding that!  It's really neat, but I think it's a bit out
of the FreedomBox price range:

- 1600 Cores
- 9600GB Memory
- 2400TB Combined Storage

If they can deliver a fully Free (libre) system with those specs for
under $200 each, they win.

In all seriousness, though, I'd love to see management tools that can
handle such a scale built into the system.  Also, their intro video
brings up an interesting point: could each FreedomBox offer a small
part (10%?) of its unused resources for other systems?  It'd
essentially make them a sort of a SETI at home distributed computing
mesh, but for user freedom.

Does anybody know of any projects that offer that sort of
infrastructure that we could use?

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