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[Freedombox-discuss] Building a personal software stack

Since I don't write code myself I have some "ignorance leeway" in terms of that I have no idea how much work it would actually require, but I have tossed around the idea on EDRi's mailing lists* that it would be great to add to the apt-get command a parameter that solves all problems :-)
ehj at hedgehog:~$ apt-get install -edri fbx

Best regards.


*) http://edri.org


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	Subject: [Freedombox-discuss] Building a personal software stack
	I've been following this project for a while now, and I must say that I love the idea a lot. I've been doing something similar on a VPS of my own for quite some time now, but FBX seems like a lot more elegant solution. 

	Usually, I would build my own personal stack, like a mail server, ownCloud and Diaspora*. But, there's just something wrong about all of this - you need to go through this list and install every software package one by one, until you build a full stack. The other problem is, these tools are not really integrated with each other (though, there are some partial solutions like Kolab, etc).

	What I would like to see is a full software stack that can be deployed out of the box with minimal integration efforts with other system software. Wouldn't it be nice if we could have a single application that would act as a social network, webmail interface and Personal Data Storage appliance? I think this is the idea worth considering.

	Since I am fairly familiar with PHP and have started digging into Node.js recently, I am willing to take part in building something like this. Yes, we can't do this overnight and this would be a lot of work, but I think it would be worth the effort. We could build a software stack that would be aimed at families as well as individuals. FBX has the potential to become the next big home server solution, and having something like this would be extremely nice and useful.

	Just a thought of mine.

	Petar Petrovi? 
	petar at petrovic.io

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