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[Freedombox-discuss] Which mail server do people use with FBX?

I've been wondering about something along these lines for a little
while.  Is there a potential capability in FreedomBox to transmit
substantive, asynchronous messages between two or more parties directly
through the mesh network, or at least within Tor?  And can this be done
without the highly complex and confusing business of running a mailserver?

It would clearly be a little silly if messages between dissidents on a
mesh network, especially in a closed country, could route one another's
packets but generally had to deposit messages at Google or another
service to actually be read. 

For real-time two-person messaging, there is already an off-the-shelf
solution: including some form of torchat (jtorchat maybe?). 

For real-time multi-person messaging, the cryptocat protocol might have
some promise, particularly if it could easily be tweaked to put the
chatroom address on a hidden service.

If the FBXs have very high uptime, then the synchronous instant
messaging protocol(s) might sort of work alright: the message just waits
for the user to read it, or the sending FBX puts it in an outbox until
it can establish a connection.

But if there are significant uptime limitations (power outages, internet
outages, people feeling the need to turn off or hide their FBXs when not
in use), then maybe something more complex and robust needs to be
considered.  Or has the consensus been that a full-on mailserver will be
part of the setup?

Adam Colligan
AdamColligan.net <http://www.AdamColligan.net>

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