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[Freedombox-discuss] T-shirts

On Fri, 2012-12-07 at 01:01 +0100, Alexander Berntsen wrote:
> Hi,
> First-time poster here. Nice to meet you all!
> Seemingly "all" foundations of every kind make money off of various
> merchandise. I'm sorry if this is corny or just really ridiculous in
> the present state of the project, but what if the Freedombox
> Foundation sold T-shirts, and perhaps other things - stickers, mugs,
> whatever? It could be a neat way to "inspire" donations, if it is
> feasible to make it happen. It could be partially funded by people
> ordering in advance; so basically crowd funding. There are lots of
> potential ideas we could discuss.
> Sorry if this has been raised previously. I did skim the last few
> months in the archive, but found no mention of anything similar. Also
> sorry if this is not the appropriate forum for such discussions; if
> so, please direct me to the appropriate forum.

This probably should have been done before the holiday season was so
looming -- I'd've bought several.

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