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[Freedombox-discuss] [liberationtech] Announcing finalists (and soon winners) for the Access Tech Innovation Prize

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Date: Thu, 06 Dec 2012 13:45:18 -0500
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Subject: [liberationtech] Announcing finalists (and soon winners) for the
	Access Tech Innovation Prize
Organization: Access Now
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Hi everybody,

The finalists of the Access Technology Innovation Prize have been
announced. The projects selected by the judges as finalists are:

Blackout Resilience Award: Briar, Linux en Caja + BogotaMesh +
RedPaTodos + Hackbo, Project Byzantium, RePress - Greenhost

Making Crypto Easy: Enigmail, GPG Clipboard - Open Technology Institute,
HTTPS Everywhere - Electronic Frontier Foundation, LEAP Encryption
Access Project

Freedom of Expression Award (Golden Jellybean 1): Free Network
Foundation, Initiative for China + Tahrir Project, Open Observatory for
Network Interference (OONI), Project Gulliver - Greenhost, Storymaker -
Small World News and Guardian Project

Grassroots Technology Award (Golden Jellybean 2): Flashproxy - Open
Technology Institute, Haroon Rashid Shah, Interactive Voice
Response-Based Market Information System - Marye, Mengistu Miskir,
Maletsabisa Molapo, Reticle - Malice Afterthought

Facebook Award: Map Kibera Trust, BigWebNoise, Seven Sisters, Social
Media for Democracy

For further information on the projects please follow the link below:


The winners will be announced this Monday 10th December at an awards
party in New York City. All welcome to attend (please RSVP to
rsvp at accessnow.org). The official invitation for the awards ceremony and
party can be found at the following location:


All the very best,

Gustaf Bj?rksten
Technology Director
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