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[Freedombox-discuss] apt-get install fbx

bnewbold at robocracy.org writes:

> I have a working-but-not-documented wheezy image for the DreamPlug 
> generated using Debian Live if there is interest, but will be AFK for the 
> next week.

Feel free to pass me the details when you return.  My impression the
last time I looked was that the Live build system was way heavier than
what I wanted, but as we've added things that may be less true now.

However, I will say that now that Debian Installer just works on the
Dreamplug, I'm far less interested in installation tools and far more
interested in package structuring to make it possible for anything that
can run Debian to be easily and effectively configured to be a
FreedomBox.  That's what I wanted to work on originally, if the various
commitments made around the DreamPlug hadn't gotten in the way...

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