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[Freedombox-discuss] Thoughts on MAC Addresses

Just something kicking around my head when I should be sleeping :)

*If* preventing people from being identified by MAC addresses should be
a goal, how do we accomplish that?  The MAC address can, but shouldn't
be set in the firmware, we can't change it or set it, from the running
system, there.  That's good, because it means the bootloader can't be
changed on a running system.

So, where can we set the MAC address?  The obvious solution is to put it
into /etc/networking/interfaces, but that'll harm folks who want some
form of anonymity.  We can use 0:0:0:0:0:0 as a default MAC address in
/etc/networking/interfaces and folks who want to set a static one can
edit the file to set it there, while folks who want to use a MAC changer
can run a service hooked through Plinth.

Is this crazy?  If not, anybody want to write a Plinth interface to
macchanger?  Anybody want to write an Augeas interface to Plinth that
can write to /etc/networking/interfaces ?

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