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[Freedombox-discuss] Keep or Remove the "Anonymous Contribution" Page?

On 11/29/12 11:35, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> Quoting Nick M. Daly (2012-11-29 06:16:25)
>> Jack Wilborn writes:
>>> IMHO, I say that if they want to keep copyright to their code, then 
>>> we probably don't want it in the FB.  My understanding is that we 
>>> wanted a copyright free box, has this changed or have I 
>>> misunderstood?
>> I think you missed something big there.  As far as I know [0], that's 
>> not a goal at all.  Nobody's even asked me for a contributor 
>> agreement, much less copyright assignment: we'll cross that bridge 
>> when we come to it, I suppose.
> If "we" are Debian, then we need someone physical and identifiable in 
> charge of each piece of code, but those can act as proxy for others 
> keeping anonymous or pseudonymous. Important for Debian is that all code 
> is freely _licensed_.
> If "we" are the FreedomBox Foundation, then it will very much surprise 
> me if they[0] have different agenda than use Debian for all software 
> parts of the project.

I would be surprised too.

The "we" being the FreedomBox Foundation states in the News section on
https://www.freedomboxfoundation.org/ that: "We wanted to the FreedomBox
to move beyond this fragmented environment and, with the help of some
embedded device experts, we have managed to make our development
<https://www.globalscaletechnologies.com/t-dreamplugdetails.aspx> into a
fully supported Debian platform. That means that anyone with a device
can install Debian on it just like a laptop or desktop computer. This
support is very important for ensuring that the work we do on the
FreedomBox is as portable and reusable as possible."

Further, the "Kickstarter Release Notes" letter I received a couple of
weeks ago refers to an enclosed "Prepping your Dreamplug" flyer which
says that (if I follow the instructions) I'll be running "the Debian
U-Boot from memory on your device" and that after the "magic moment" of
rebooting and log in, the flyer says, "At this point your FreedomBox is
up and running as a full Debian system".
There is a report of "hatred of the GPLv3 that the guys from Siemens and
ETSI showed" in another part of the internet that I hope is unrelated to
this discussion: http://epfsug.eu/wws/arc/epfsug/2012-11/msg00056.html

Best regards.


Erik Josefsson
Advisor on Internet Policies
Greens/EFA Group
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