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[Freedombox-discuss] FBX in BXL :-)

Thanks Jonas!

Just a note on the concluding remarks by DG ITEC Director-General Giancarlo Vilella: http://media.biks.dk/fb/epfsug2/giancarlo.ogg

I think it is true what he said that the EP infrastructure team is very interested in FreedomBox (at 02m50s), and I'd say that if RMLL will go to Bruxelles, then there could be an opportunity to meet with them.

Here's some info on RMLL: http://icg.greens-efa.org/pipermail/hub/2012-October/000009.html

If there is an interest from FBX to plan for this, then talk Nicolas Pettiaux who is in the RMLL organising team.

Best regards.


Erik Josefsson
Advisor on Internet Policies
Greens/EFA Group
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Quoting Nick M. Daly (2012-11-10 21:25:51)
> JOSEFSSON Erik <erik.josefsson at europarl.europa.eu> writes:
> > We've just talked about FreedomBox in the European Parliament Free 
> > Software User Group (http://epfsug.eu/content/free-tools-ep).
> >  
> > You find the videos here: http://media.biks.dk/fb/epfsug2/
> >  
> > A special thanks to EPFSUG Patron and MEP Nils Torvalds and DG ITEC 
> > Director-General Giancarlo Vilella for opening and closing the 
> > meeting, and to Henrik Alexandersson for recording the whole event!
> These are great!  Are transcripts of the talks available (to follow 
> along with)?  The audio's a bit rough sometimes.

Unfortunately not.  If someone takes the time to write a draft 
transcript of the parts that _is_ easy to hear, then I'd be more than 
happy to proofread and fill in parts missing (from memory with the help 
of higher resolution source videos).

Please provide transcript in a flat-file format - either plain text or 
(preferrably) some subtitle format that I can try integrate as Ogg/Kate 

 - Jonas

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