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[Freedombox-discuss] Fw: [DC206] FreedomBox Event Tuesday!!

Hi folks, if you're near Seattle, I'm putting on a FBX Q&A and
mini-hackfest at BLR tonight.  Apologies for the late notice, this
unexpectedly came together really quickly.  Also, the BLR folks really
rock, to a ridiculous amount.


What: FreedomBox Q&A and Hacking Session at Black Lodge Research

When: Tuesday, October 30, starting at 7:00.

Where: Black Lodge Research (BLR)

17725 NE 65th St A-155; Redmond, WA 98052 http://www.blacklodgeresearch.org/

Why: Nick Daly, one of the main people involved with the FreedomBox project,
is in town this week. He's volunteered to give a Q&A and hacking session on
the FreedomBox.

What is the FreedomBox?

In 2010, Eben Moglen proposed a challenge: to produce a computer network
that allows people to communicate privately, securely, and freely.  The
FreedomBox project is a group of people who are trying to build a system
that allows anyone, with or without technical expertise, to communicate with
their friends and family, without relying on disadvantageous intermediaries.

Pizza will be provided. Please RSVP to blacklodgeRSVP at gmail.com to enable
proper order size.

The current FreedomBox codebase consists of code written in multiple
languages: some Python (Plinth, FreedomBuddy), some shell scripting (Freedom
Maker), some C (FreedomBox Privoxy), some Javascript (Plinth).  FreedomBox
is Debian-based.  If you have any of these language skills, and wish to help
out, this would be a great time to get your Debian-centric development
environment setup, with Nick around. Nick is also the FreedomBox

After a short intro, the tentative agenda is Q&A followed by a hackfest. The
hackfest portion involves (1) helping people set up the FreedomBox VM images
on their machines to test the system and (2) discussing or working on
outstanding tasks for the FBX system.  The event will end at 9:30.  

Several FreedomBox projects could use your help during the hackfest.

There are new feature, maintenance, and documentation tasks for all of the
FreedomBox projects including Freedom Maker (the image building tool),
Plinth (the UI), FreedomBox Privoxy (the web-proxy), and FreedomBuddy (the
resilient communication tool).

Laptops are recommended.  DreamPlugs are encouraged.  FreedomBox uses Debian
for it's build environment.  None of the above is required to test the
system: the current FreedomBox image runs as a VirtualBox VM.

Sorry for the late notice for this event.





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