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[Freedombox-discuss] cubieboard - open ARM box

I almost did that, but I balked because there is appears to be no wifi.

On Mon, Oct 29, 2012 at 2:34 PM, Nick Hardiman
<nick at internetmachines.co.uk>wrote:

> I ordered one. Won't turn up for weeks, though.
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> *From:* Indiegogo <noreply at indiegogo.com> (no reply)
> *Date:* 25 October 2012 08:51:21 BST
> *To:* nick at internetmachines.co.uk
> *Subject:* *Your contribution to 'cubieboard - open ARM box'*
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> <http://email.indiegogo.com/wf/click?upn=Ya-2FHTIBcULGv1cJzCEG3iQnvEo2TCNPX69Gd0sukAH4-3D_YIA00tYD3KfQ2-2BTHNREXEK67Olja2UCV-2FbU-2FOnfWXPgBqWNkEJWgTN5343vF-2BgUZrJJDqj6nO7OCBYShJLK-2Fmugr4J8LL3VkNX9nNeeAs4zugPwo84OYR6qZH80Jf6kI8tvHszSL3xJ1yXKk-2Fy0X3h9k9p7YKrsihnvK8jwF26rIK4k9hl8dIvKCOvSOyrAmwRS0hzJz8E-2Fck9RUOMk1cWqk64xJumB7NC1U0gCxWlA-3D>
> Thank you for your contribution to cubieboard - open ARM box<http://email.indiegogo.com/wf/click?upn=Ya-2FHTIBcULGv1cJzCEG3iRg9XXYhPFSJupCHxJ-2BC9dCOcDLas1mBS4m6yWk5czP2TERBI-2FqjGcG5DwXiXoLNCduOXLT2Xbmx-2B4dl4mwIeImtpicnTJhsJ9UQmCksrB5V_YIA00tYD3KfQ2-2BTHNREXEK67Olja2UCV-2FbU-2FOnfWXPgBqWNkEJWgTN5343vF-2BgUZrJJDqj6nO7OCBYShJLK-2FmhRyMHFozXFANSCvkLd0YSyZ8Z0xdyiet-2F-2FWhm9sF7QypmWtd-2Fxer7gut16Kmm0YwysBOidwLoUbhgou-2FvBKjxgWuEZHMm0K84Lt0OBcYiPOYJSZRrQl3EUkH6kNhXxSlwaA89i4ssIAjEgAegkq-2FcU-3D>
> Please keep this message as your confirmation.
> *Contribution Amount:* $49
> *Perk:* Free shipping (You can get the standard cubieboard package which
> includes One 1GB cubieboard One SATA cable One power cable Shipping by
> Hongkong post air mail)
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