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[Freedombox-discuss] qaul.net

On Sun, Oct 21, 2012 at 6:23 PM, Matt Dodson <war2none at hotmail.com> wrote:

> > > "qaul.net implements a redundant, open communication principle, in
> which
> > > wireless-enabled computers and mobile devices can directly form a
> > > spontaneous network. Text messaging, file sharing and voice calls are
> > > possible independent of internet and cellular networks. Qaul.net can
> > > spread like a virus, and an Open Source Community can modify it
> freely."
> >
> > You probably don't want to describe your project in terms of a virus.
> >
> > -Jonathan
> >
> Maybe the term 'self-replicating' would be more appropriate, unless their
> intention is to create a virus that hacks and meshes it's way, until it
> finds a connection to the internet and puts everyone back online.
Yes, I thought that was an odd way to phrase it as well.  I was thinking
auto propagating.  Not sure that's much better.

    "It's hard to believe that something which is neither seen nor felt can
do so much harm."
    "That's true.  But an idea can't be seen or felt.  And that's what kept
the Troglytes in the
mines all these centuries.  A mistaken idea."
-- Vanna and Kirk, "The Cloud Minders", stardate 5819.0
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