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[Freedombox-discuss] virtualbox image

Jonathan Wilkes writes:

> Hello,
> ???? So I've got the virtualbox image booting.? What's the next step
> to bringing up the browser interface (presumably on the host machine)?


Hi Jonathan, thanks for testing!

The weekly image I'm building right now makes this a bit easier, but
you'll want to do the following:

1. Get your IP Address:

     [ log in as the root user, with password "freedom" ]
     # ifconfig

   That'll tell you your box's IP address.  You'll need that later.

2. Build Plinth:

     [ log in as the fbx user, with password "frdm" ]
     $ cd ~/
     $ su -c "apt-get install python-bjsonrpc python-augeas"
     $ make

3. Edit the cfg.py file, replacing the host = "" line with:

      host = ""

   That makes the web UI available to any computer.

4. Now, try running the UI:

     $ ./plinth.py

   Now, on the host machine, point your browser to:

     $ http://(your box's ip address):8000

It should show you the UI.

If you get some error about file permissions, do this as root:

   # chown -R fbx:fbx /home/fbx

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