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[Freedombox-discuss] FreedomBox OS installable on sheevaplug?

All this time, I assumed the FreedomBox OS could be installed on the
sheevaplug and guruplug. After reading their descriptions, it appeared
that the dreamplug was merely a sheevaplug with internal wifi. Today,
I read they have different uboot variants than the dreamplug. I
preferred the sheevaplug so I could use an external network adapter to
change my MAC address before FreedomBox OS starts up. If FreedomBox OS
is not installable on a sheevaplug, I need to know the answer to a
question I posted earlier whether the wifi module in the dreamplug is
truly removable. I paid a geek to look at the schematic of dreamplug.
He was afraid to desolder the wifi module based on the fact that the
soldering may over heat the board and destroy other modules. 
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